1.  You are able to quit on your own.
2.  It’s not that bad.
3.  Getting help will be too much of an inconvenience.
4.  You are too busy taking care of others to focus on yourself.
5.  You’ve been disappointed so many times that you’re afraid to hope again.

More excuses:

  • You don’t mind settling for how things are
  • You have ample time to attend numerous 12-step programs to treat multiple addictions, instead of getting to the root cause of all of them
  • The treatment programs you’ve attended successfully healed your compulsions
  • You don’t see anything wrong with being enslaved to a substance, activity or person
  • You have the power to resist your cravings day in and day out
  • You don’t mind being in the same place, or worse, 10 years from now
  • You can live with being unhappy in sobriety
  • You’re okay with living a double life
  • You can tolerate the loneliness that plagues you
  • You don’t have a burning desire to be free

The Nelson Method can cut your learning curve from 30 years to 30 days.

Harold was freed of an addiction to pills, alcohol and cigarettes.

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