The first step in healing is to determine if you have an issue and if so, what you can do about it. Please take the following quiz to learn where you stand. Your answers are completely confidential. You will be sent your score and personal assessment via email when you complete the answers below.

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1. You have always felt different from others and that you didn’t quite belong in any group.
2. You tend to worry a lot.
3. You have a racing mind that never seems to stop.
4. You are preoccupied with what people think of you.
5. People often tell you you’re “too sensitive” or that you “wear your heart on your sleeve.”
6. You believe that if someone really knew you, they would dislike you and reject you.
7. You feel uncomfortable in social situations unless you can have a drink, a pill, a joint or some food.
8. You struggle with anxiety and/or depression.
9. When you open a bag of chips it’s hard to stop eating until the chips are gone.
10. You tend to bottle up your feelings.
11. You love the beginning phase of being “in love” but find being in a long-term relationship boring and/or confining.
12. "Moderation” is a good idea, but something you know little about.
13. You often feel alone even when among other people, including loved ones and friends.
14. When you stop one compulsive habit, you usually quickly pick up another to replace it.
15. You get bored easily and frequently need to “change things up” in your life.
16. You grew up in an alcoholic home and/or were abused as a child.
17. You aren’t satisfied with being good at something, you either have to be the best, or you don’t bother trying at all.
18. You have started many projects that you did not finish.
19. Even though you hate feeling lonely you feel more comfortable being alone than with other people.
20. You feel like a fraud, no matter how much legitimate success you achieve.
21. You find it hard to trust people.
22. You spend money impulsively and often regret your purchases later.
23. When good things happen to you you do something to sabotage your success
24. You have a fear of making commitments.
25. You have tried to curb your habits with self-help books, tapes and programs, but none of them improved your self-control.

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