Vicki was freed of bulimia and food addiction.

When you heal, you transform. When you transform, you are no longer in bondage to anything. The Nelson Method will provide you the opportunity to enjoy total freedom.

We cannot see what our negative habits are doing to us, only what they are doing for us. In other words, we think they enable us to do more and be more, but we are in denial about the toll they’re really taking on our bodies, our relationships, our finances, and our souls.

After years of struggling with emotional pain and addictions, Roy discovered that there was no medical solution, no psychological solution, and no intellectual solution…only a holistic solution. He also knew that it was imperative to illuminate and heal the underlying causes of his addictions.

“There is a power within you that will free you!” – Roy Nelson

The Nelson Method is designed to help clients heal from their own “soul sickness”, which Roy believes is the underlying cause of all problems, including addictions and obsessions.

The Nelson Method: Five Pillars of Transformation

Each stage of holistic healing is essential for your true transformation, and each stage is possible only when you are immersed in an environment of love and safety. Clients who embark on The Nelson Method’s journey typically experience almost immediate and complete sense of freedom.

I. Awakening to the True Problem

Relapse is almost guaranteed if you haven’t identified how the problem developed in the first place. It is only when you have uncovered the mystery of the “soul sickness” that it’s possible for deep, long-lasting transformation and freedom to occur.

II. Personal Exploration and Discovery

You will be guided on an in-depth exploration of your personal history, identifying which conscious and sub-conscious patterns have sabotaged your success. You will also create a customized plan for healthy living and permanent change. This will include the adoption of new, empowering, self-care habits that will support your journey of transformation.

III. Claiming Transformation

This is the pivot point where your intention, desire and energy converge and propel you into an amazing journey of freedom and release.

IV. Excavation of the Soul Sickness

You will be guided through a proprietary process of rooting out all that stands in the way of your sense of wholeness and self-worth. You will gain a new perspective that will shift your consciousness and prepare you to walk a Path of Expansive Living.

V. Walking the Path of Expansive Living

After experiencing deep transformation and fully integrating your blueprint for healthy living into your daily life, you will have the solid foundation necessary for ever-increasing self-awareness, self-love, and self-esteem. You will finally have the opportunity to live as the authentic, peaceful and purposeful person you are destined to be and your light will be an inspiration to others seeking freedom.

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