Eating Addiction in Long Beach, California (CA)

Eating Addiction Treatment in Long Beach, California (CA)

Did you know that right now, hundreds of individuals in Long Beach, California (CA) are struggling with an eating addiction? Even outside of Long Beach, thousands of people throughout California (CA) and the nation deal with this disorder each year.

People end up with eating disorders like an addiction to eating because of so many things. No matter how you got here, Roy Nelson can help you get back to normal.

Can an Outpatient Treatment Center Help With an Eating Addiction?

Yes, an outpatient treatment is just what you should be looking for if you’re struggling with an addiction to food and eatings in Long Beach. Outpatient centers differ from inpatient locations in that they have you come and go to the facilities. On the other hand, inpatient locations ask that you go to the facility and stay there for several weeks or even months at a time.

Inpatient treatment can be extremely difficult because it creates a wall between you and the outside world. You may lose your job for being away for so long, or your school may ask you to repeat the year in which you missed schoolwork. This can throw your entire life off, and it’s not even to mention the fact that your family life will likely suffer as well.

Outpatient treatment that is spiritually based allows you to focus a large amount of energy on treating your eating disorder while also continuing on as normal with your life. You can directly implement all that you learn in therapy as well, and this is vital for learning how to assimilate to the “real” world with all that you’ve been able to overcome in treatment. You don’t want there to be a rift there.

Get Help for an Eating Addiction Today

If you’re a Long Beach, California (CA) resident struggling with an eating addiction, or if you know someone close to you who is, Roy Nelson can help. Roy offers an intensive, month-long spiritual healing program that caters to individuals just like you. It’s an outpatient program, so you can stay at home with your family and continue with school or work as you treat your addiction.

Eating addictions are real, and they are extremely closely related to other addictions, such as addictions to alcohol, cocaine or prescription medications. As such, these eating disorders need to be handled by someone who truly understands eating disorders. Roy Nelson has been in your shoes. He had an eating addiction and managed to fight his way back to normal. Now, he wants to help you do the same.

If you’re a Long Beach, California resident who is seeking recovery from an eating addiction, let The Nelson Method help you heal your mind, body and spirit. Call us today.