Eating Addiction in Anaheim, California (CA)

Eating Addiction Treatment in Anaheim, California (CA)

An eating addiction is a serious disorder that causes individuals to want to eat more than they need to for their health. If you have an eating addiction and live in Anaheim, California (CA), you likely already know about the breadth of the problem.

Thousands of individuals just like you’re struggling with eating addictions, and they don’t know where to turn for help. Fortunately, there is an answer.

Outpatient Treatment Is the Best Answer to Eating Addictions in Anaheim

The best way to overcome an addiction to food and eating is to seek help with an outpatient treatment center. There are basically two types of treatment when it comes to treating an eating disorder like eating addiction: inpatient and outpatient. Both can serve eating disorders in Anaheim, California (CA), but most people prefer the second option.

With inpatient or residential treatment, you are asked to stay full-time at the treatment facility. You sleep, eat and spend all your time there. This is a huge commitment and not always a viable option for people with jobs and/or families.

However, with an outpatient treatment center like Roy Nelson, spiritual healing can take place for residents of Anaheim, California. The benefit is that the people we help are able to come and go as they wish. This form of treatment allows you to stay at your place of employment or school while continuing to spend time with and caring for your family.

Let Roy Nelson Help You With Your Eating Addiction

If you’re a resident of Anaheim, California (CA) and have an eating disorder that you would like to treat, consider outpatient spiritual healing treatment offered by Roy Nelson. Roy fought his way back from an eating disorder of his own. He knows the pain and the struggle you’re going through.

By choosing the spiritual path to recovery, you’re allowing yourself to heal your mind, body and spirit instead of just focusing on the physical aspect of treatment as many traditional rehab centers do.

The Nelson Method takes several approaches to treating eating disorders like addiction to eating. Roy Nelson focuses on getting to the root of the problem through both group and individual therapies. This helps individuals to see where in their past they made that turn toward addiction, and it enables them to note the warning signs of such a turn so that it never happens again.

Roy Nelson invites you to join him in his spiritual healing program. An addiction to eating and food doesn’t have to rule your life, and you have choices in your treatment. In order to find complete healing that will last a lifetime, Roy’s one-month, outpatient spiritual healing program can be the way you take your life back from an eating addiction. We can’t wait to start working with you, so call today.